Softball Youth All-American Games

All-American Games

Ocean City, MD

August 16-19, 2019

Henry Parker Athletic Complex

711 W Naylor Mill Rd. Ocean City, MD 21801

Do you know someone who should be considered an All-American?

Our Softball Youth All-American Games include some of the best individual players in the country playing together on teams in tournament play. Each All-American Games include hundreds of players from all around the nation and several countries. The Softball Youth All-American Games is one of our most prestigious events for individual players.



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All Softball All-American Games are “stay to play” events. In order to participate in the tournaments, all athletes are required to book their lodging through our housing partner, Team Travel Source (TTS). TTS has secured specially discounted rates with the top properties in the area. If you choose not to book your lodging through TTS, you will be required to pay a $50 alternative lodging fee.

Exceptions to the Stay to Play Policy
  • Live within 60 miles of the tournament

**If you are want to book a hotel with points, have a special rate, or stay elsewhere than the offered hotels, you will be charged a $50 Alternative Lodging Fee, per our Stay to Play Policy.

*Since the event is less than 30 days away, you must email if you have one of the above exemptions. If you do not get approved for an exemption or book a hotel through Team Travel Source, you will be subject to a $75 alternative lodging fee.


August 16, 2019 – Players Check-In / Opening Ceremonies

August 17, 2019 – Pool Play / Skills Measurements

August 18, 2019 –Pool Play / HR Derby Showcase

August 19, 2019 – Bracket Play / Closing Ceremonies / Awards Presentation


  • Outstanding Facilities
  • Professional Workout
  • 4 Games Guarantee (Weather Permitting)
  • Tournament Setting – Pool Play / Bracket Play
  • Two All-American Uniform Jerseys (Navy and Red) by Triton
  • All-American Bow
  • All-American RINGS for all participants
  • National recognition as participating in the Softball Youth All-American Games
  • Conducted by Softball Youth Scouts


Open to any players whose High School Graduation Class is between 2023-2029. Player rankings / skills assessments are now categorized by High School Graduation Class, not current age division. This will be displayed on all future player profiles online. For game play, players are placed on teams by High School Graduation Class, and if necessary, could be combined with other High School Graduation Classes. *Currently, the high school graduation classes of 2028 and 2029 will be combined.


  • 2022 (9th grader in school year 2018-19)
    Pitching Distance: 43′
    Base Distance: 60′
  • 2023 (8th grader in school year 2018-19)
    Pitching Distance: 43′
    Base Distance: 60′
  • 2024 (7th grader in school year 2018-19)
    Pitching Distance: 43′
    Base Distance: 60′


**Players must register for Homerun Derby to reserve their spot. Prices increase on site!**

Homerun Derby will take place during one day of the All-American Games – that specific day will be announced on the detailed itinerary one month prior to the tournament. The top 5 players with the most points in each age group will be announced at their Closing Ceremony on the last day of the tournament.


  • 2022 – 175 ft
  • 2023 – 175 ft
  • 2024 – 125 ft
  • 2025 – 125 ft
  • 2026 – 100 ft
  • 2027 – 100 ft
  • 2028 – 75 ft
  • 2029 – 75 ft


All-American Games Ocean City
August 16-19, 2019
Ocean City, MD
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