• Jan 1-1, 1970


January 1, 1970

HOW TO PLAY WITH BASEBALL YOUTH: Players that play on our Softball Youth teams are selected from our National Player Ranking Database. To be considered it’s highly recommended that the player goes to our All-American Games, which are hosted all over the country, to enable our scouts to see them compete against premier talent. Anyone can also nominate a player at any time.

Players are placed on Softball Youth Elite teams with others from all around the nation and play against other teams that are participating. All Softball Youth teams are coached by Softball Youth Scouts. Teams will have no more than 12 kids per team and every team will roster bat throughout the tournament. Minimum innings in the field for each player: 3-4 inn game = 1 inn, 5+ inn game = 2 inn. The tournament is a 3 game guarantee.

Download the All-American Games info packet and receive special offer for your player!